How To Keep In Touch With Your Clients After An Event

How To Keep In Touch With Your Clients After An Event 1

Event management business is a field where you get a lot of clients as referrals from your customers who have already hired you in the past. These clients are more likely to hire you as they will have verified confidence in your performance. The tricky thing is how to get such clients. You need to engage your previous clients with yourself so that they do not forget the wonderful services that you provided. Here is how you can keep in regular and confident contact with your previous clients.

While updating the portfolio and profile of your business, add the best projects you delivered and also the clients who hired you for it. This will give them a feeling of being valued and will not forget your firm whenever the event management business is mentioned.

After an event is successfully completed, always contact your clients for detailed feedback. This will make a professional image in the mind of that client and you will be definitely referred to. One very efficacious trick here is to inform your clients about the progress you have made based on the feedback of your clients.

Moreover, you can also inform your clients about the new features which your firm has introduced to your business. This trick will not only remind them of you, but they will also suggest others to visit your office as you gave them a good experience and now you are upgrading your business as well.

One other way to keep your previous clients engaged is to invite them to your new events and give them a tour of your improved arrangements. Mentioning their feedback and taking actions based on it will give them a valued sense and they will not second guess you for hiring you for their future events.

In the end, there is one big tip which will never let your firm with a day without business. Offer a predefined bonus to those who bring you a successful deal with a client. You can offer them a bonus in the form of a discount for their future events or a considerable amount of cash. This is an old trick from the books but it will never disappoint you. You only need to be attentive to details and your business will be booming for sure.

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