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The user experience of prospective attendees as they visit your website should be considered a top priority. Making different efforts to attract them to the website is just the first step; the next one is keeping them there and making sure that they can make a positive decision by the time they close their browser’s tab. If you are keen on improving the overall experience of your attendees outside the sign-up process, you may also research on the event software. But for now, you may just focus on an integral aspect of your marketing campaign which is the event website. Here are three specific ways to improve the UX design of your event page:

  1. Make the website visually appealing.

While this may be an obvious tip, many event organisers still fail in this regard. To make your website visually appealing, make use of well-designed graphics and incorporate your company branding into the page. Your goal is to make the website stand out from the rest and let visitors know who you are and why they should come to your event. Make sure that you spend a good amount of time in perfecting the text copy of the page as well. The words should compel attendees to click on the “Register Now” button.

  1. Ensure that registration process is easy.

If you find registration and ticketing as difficult processes for your event, this is when you should use an event ticketing software. This type of software can be incorporated to your event website to automate the two processes. Make sure that the registration area is highly visible in your event website. If the site is loaded with information, always place links that would lead visitors to the registration form if they are interested to come to your event. They will only have to fill out the said form and proceed with payment through available platforms like PayPal or Stripe.

  1. Add media to make the site more engaging.

Lastly, it would be smart if you can add multimedia materials to your event website. Embedding a video that tells what the event is all about, for example, may help in keeping visitors engaged as they explore the site. You may also put high quality pictures of previous events that would catch the attention of prospective attendees. Alternatively, try to add music that would automatically play when the site is opened. The gist here is to set the atmosphere and let people know that you are organising high-quality events. If you are more interested in attendee registration for your events, read more about the event registration software.

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