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The importance of an event website could not be more emphasised in the events industry today. To make the process of building events websites easier, event organisers are even using technologies such as the event management software.

Almost everyone has access to the internet so any online efforts to market your event are considered integral to gain more attendees. If you have already made an event website for your event, the next step is to attract visitors and let them register for your event.

In the interim, you may also consider other event technologies such as apps for events. All these event management solutions may significantly improve the quality of your events. Nevertheless, here are three tips that may help you attract more users to your event website:

  1. Conduct a social media campaign.

Social media is one of the best tools you can use to market your events online since a lot of people have access to at least one social media platform. In fact, there’s a specific type of marketing called social media marketing that many event companies are currently using. Try to read about different strategies on how you can advertise your event in different websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook may also give you the option for paid advertisements to make you reach your target audience faster.

  1. Push out an email campaign.

When you use emailing to market your events, you may place a direct link to the event website in the email body. Using an event management software will make emailing campaigns easier since you can store email databases from previous events and re-use them to send out emails. If you are doing a great job in keeping your attendees engaged, they would want to come to your next events and would not mind receiving emails to register for your next event.

For onsite registration and check-in, you may also want to know more about the event check in app.

  1. Roll out offline materials with QR codes.

Last but not the least, you can also go the traditional route and print out posters and flyers regarding your event. In these printed collaterals, you can include a link to the event website. You may also use QR codes since a lot of people are keen on reading QR codes straight from their mobile devices. The code will automatically lead people to your event website. This eliminates the need to type the link of your event website in any browser.

If you are looking for other event technologies such as mobile applications that you can use, read more on the event management app.

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