Do you want to polish event management skills? Try Follow-up Meetings!

Do you want to polish event management skills? Try Follow-up Meetings! 1

Congratulations on the success of the three-day event you held. You will think of relaxing and taking some rest. Hold on! Every task needs improvements here and there. To get the most of your management skills, hold follow-up meetings.



It’s never a one-man-show. An event holds many heads working under challenges and stress to getting the common goal- a successful event. In a follow-up meeting, you may applause the contributors. It is always productive to appreciate success, leading a boost in energy and motivation.

Improvements are Necessary:

Competition is increasing, yet creating tremendous growth in management business. If you want to stay in line, concentrate on improving. Discuss innovative solutions to the unforeseen mishaps.

Start Early:

Become an early bird to catch all the benefits. Collect findings from your team while it is fresh. It helps in hunting down needs and the demands of the audience, eventually discovering valuable findings to accelerate your management.

Plan it Hard This Time:

Right after the event finishes, a little break is vital, but do not take that too long, instead start planning the next event right away.

Discuss the Audience’s Feedback:

You must have collected the feedback from the attendees. Do not throw it in the trash can, make it an effective tool for you to ponder upon the suggestions and complaints because these are the general remarks of the audience that matters.

Feedback enhances the manager’s action-plan. Try using the many available variation of collecting the feedback. Surveys, pools, tricky questions, and live pooling on the most liked and the worst experience is a progressive way to improvise your event management tactics.

Revenue or No Revenue:

Each business wants to generate revenue. Evaluate your budget to find out if the event went as planned. If you have to spend extra money on an unforeseen or a quick need to have more staff, mind your planning next time.

Invest wisely with a plan to save yourself from spending on the spot for unplanned issues.

Attendance Please:

Mark your event successful if you hit the exact audience. Only numbers do not justify the success, instead of engagement with genuine attendee’s counts.

Evaluate the whole:

Discuss everything, collect feedback from staff/vendors, and generate reports to construct the next planning.

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